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Devastating end to the season for everyone connected to the club and with that, it is time to look forward. It has been a difficult season, for all of us, and it has been clear from as early as June that there was a growing discontent from many in the fan base, regarding the direction the club has taken. I have always said that I am only the custodian of the club, that managers and owners alike will come and go, with the only constant being the fan base. If the fans do not believe in the direction of travel for the club, then the club can never reach its full potential.

As the season unfolded and the numerous rumours of take overs swirled around Latimer Park, the intent of many in the fan base to embrace new ownership was clear. To that aim, I confirm that I will be stepping away from Kettering Town FC with immediate effect. The current board of directors will be dissolved, and a new board appointed who will take on the task of sustainably running the club and looking for a new owner.

Over the course of the year, I have approached several prominent local businesspeople, with affiliation to KTFC, with a view to them taking over the mantle and pushing the club forward, in a way more in-line with the aspirations of the fan base. Unfortunately, none of these individuals wanted to take up the challenge. Likewise, I had several approaches from other non-connected parties enquiring about a take-over, but our precarious league position understandably was always a limiting factor, in their decision-making process. Now that our position is known and with a fresh board, there should be no hinderance to new ownership arriving.

I leave the club in a much more stable position than when I took over. We achieved our aim of returning to the National League North, we are within the borough, albeit not in the heart of Kettering, and we are debt free. There have been for me more highs than lows, a few mistakes on the way but I would hope that the fan base would see my tenure as a positive period in the clubs long and rich history.

There are too many people to thank for them to be listed here, but I thank all those who have supported me from the dark days of Nene Park, the mayhem of the season at Corby and the unbelievable scramble to pass the first ground grading at our current home Latimer Park through to today. Without your efforts, time and energy during the last 10 years the club would not have been able to achieve the promotions and hit the marks that were needed to continue to push forward.

Ritchie Jeune