The Club can confirm that following a positive and constructive meeting between Ritchie Jeune (Club owner), KTFC Directors and Management Committee this week, there is a renewed collective and common agreement as to the future direction and ownership of Kettering Town Football Club.

The meeting focussed on outstanding on and off the field challenges and opportunities to ensure clarity and focus on the next chapter of the club’s history with the primary objective to work with fans and stakeholders to develop the sporting and commercial infrastructure for the KTFC teams that will deliver results for future generations of Poppies fans.

Acting Chairman, Graham Starmer, welcomed the opportunity to agree on a way forward saying:

“With Ritchie’s continued support of the club it enables the management committee to look at how we can implement vital infrastructure into the club, in particular the extension of the lease at Latimer Park, facility improvements, commercial opportunities and staffing both on and off the field”.

The primary focus is to find the right buyer for Ritchie and the club, not just in terms of the sale, but for the future sustainability of Kettering Town Football Club and its contribution to the economic and cultural development of Kettering and surrounding communities.

It was a very positive meeting this week and it is clear all involved have the best interests of the club at heart and we are grateful for Ritchie’s continued support in allowing us time to address all that we need to.

Any future updates will be communicated via official media channels and club forums.