Fans Forum – Statement

Dear Poppies Fans,

The Management Committee would like to express their gratitude to everyone who attended and submitted questions to last night’s Fans Forum.  We believe it was a positive and informative event with lots of constructive input from supporters highlighting the depth of support the Club enjoys.


To cover the key points of the evening:

  • We are happy to confirm the club is in a stable position and we are absolutely committed to moving forward with confidence and determination.  Lee Glover remains as manager for next season, and we look forward to working with him.


  • We acknowledge that we are perhaps falling behind other clubs of similar stature to ours, so we will be exploring every possible revenue stream to raise the necessary funds to improve and modernise our club.  We were very grateful for the fantastic input from supporters last night, and while not all ideas will be adopted or implemented, we can assure you we listened and appreciate every single comment.


  • We have already instigated various sub-teams to look at running the various areas of the Club.  These teams will have specific focus on their function with a view to improving the current operation.  We know these improvements will not occur overnight, but we are committed to continuous steps on a daily basis that will improve the fan experience at KTFC.


We want to thank the fans for their continued support, and we will keep everyone updated on progress throughout the close season and beyond.  Kettering Town FC is a club with a rich history and a bright future, and we are excited to be sharing the experience with you.