Match Report - Rothwell Corinthians

Match Report

Kettering Town WFC were thrown straight in to the Women’s FA Cup for their first competitive game of the season against local team Rothwell Corinthians. Under a beautiful blue sky and on an immaculate pitch, both teams kicked off with determination and although play settled fairly equally in both halves, Kettering had more shots on goal stopped by excellent goalkeeping and the post.

The first half finished 0-0.

It was Kettering Town who took advantage of the break however, and came out with more determination and on the 56th minute, Brodie Betts scored with a flying header from a corner.

Now ahead, Kettering settled down and started to play better football but at no stage did Rothwell make it easy for them. A goal from Laura Beckett on the 68th followed by another seven minutes later lifted spirits even higher and when Mikaela Welford gave the home team a goal on the 83rd minute, the victory was well and truly sealed. 

A battled weary Rothwell defence continued to work hard but a final goal from Mikaela in the 91st minute added to Rothwell’s woes. Well done to Rothwell who fought hard matching Kettering in the first half but were unable to match the change of gear in the second.

Team Sheet

Location: Home (Latimer Park)
Kick Off: 06th Sep 2015
Kettering Town FC
1 Janelle Leone
2 Brodie Betts
3 Hannah Cave
4 Lauren Currell
5 Zara McAiney
6 Anjelica Nagle
7 Charlotte Hyams
8 Hollie Coulson
9 Jo Brandon
10 Laura Smith
11 Lyndsey Jelley
12 Laura Beckett
14 Mikaela Welford
Rothwell Corinthians