Match Report - Rise Park

Match Report

Kettering Town WFC made the journey to Rise Park LFC with high hopes of coming away with at least a draw but unfortunately fell foul of a well worked goal in the second half from the hosts.

The game was very evenly matched throughout and although Kettering may have had the greater number of shots, the Rise Park Player of the Match goalkeeper kept the ball out of the net with some exceptional saves.

An unfortunate league result for Kettering who look forward to the return match.

Team Sheet

Location: Away (Eagle Valley)
Kick Off: 04th Oct 2015
Kettering Town FC
1 Janelle Leone
2 Brodie Betts
3 Anjelica Nagle
4 Zara McAiney
5 Hannah Cave
6 Charlotte Burrows
7 Jo Brandon
8 Laura Beckett
9 Hollie Coulson
10 Mikaela Welford
11 Charlotte Hyams
12 Caitlin Redfern
Rise Park
1 Vicky Belshaw
2 Laura Henning
3 Lisa Jones
4 Ceire Kinsella
5 Chloe Moore
6 Katie Prendergast
7 Sarah Richardson
8 Jessica Waplington
9 Lana York
10 Claire Wilmott
11 Georgianne Herring
12 Emma Bramley
14 Yasmyn Gisby
15 Lynette Smithen
16 Gina York
17 Nancy Stroud