Match Report - Northampton Town

Match Report

Kettering Town Ladies Development were beaten in convincing fashion at Northampton Town, despite the score being 0-0 after 35 minutes.

Goals from Isla Fleury, Amy Marshall, Geogia Tear, Leticia Henry and braces from Francesca Partridge and Abigail Shocklidge were enough for The Cobblers to earn three points, as they defeated the Poppiessess Ladies second string 8-0.

Team Sheet

Location: Away (Elgar Centre)
Kick Off: 11th Oct 2015
Kettering Town FC
Captain: -1
1 Hannah Wright
2 Naomi Daniels-Holgate
3 Jade Wall
4 Claire Coleman
5 Erin McNamara
6 Sienna McNeil
7 Jasmine Parker
8 Vicky Yarnold
9 Dani Rou
10 Maryanne Beeby
11 Sophie Gould
Northampton Town
1 Joanna Daniel
2 Isla Fleury
3 Stephanie Knight
4 Emma Lewthwaite
5 Amy Marshall
6 Francesca Partridge
7 Aimee Smith
8 Geogia Tear
9 Claire Stancliffe
10 Chloe Woodward
11 Abigail Shocklidge
12 Leticia Henry
14 Megan Rayment
15 Erica Turner
16 Bethany Hope