Match Report - AFC Mansfield

Half Time:

Kettering Town FC: 1


Brett Solkhon 00

Yellow Cards

Red Cards


AFC Mansfield: 0


Yellow Cards

Red Cards


Full Time:

Kettering Town FC: 2


Ben Milnes 45

Yellow Cards

Red Cards


AFC Mansfield: 1


Brad Wells 45

Yellow Cards

Red Cards


Match Report

Kettering Town  v  AFC Mansfield

The Emirates FA Challenge Cup 2nd Qualifying Round

Saturday 22nd September 2018   3:00pm

Kettering Town

AFC Mansfield


Paul White


Jason White


Declan Towers  Off 75


Liam Marsden                     Off 71


Lathaniel Rowe-Turner                   


Mark Dudley   


Durrell Berry


Jon D'Laryea   (Capt)          


Brett Solkhon


Jack Broadhead  


Gary Stohrer                   


Jordan Annable


Michael Richens (Capt)                   


Lynton Karkach         Off 50


Lindon Meikle           


Pat Lindley


Marcus Kelly


Kieran Wells             Off 54             


Ben Milnes 


Jimmy Ghuachem           


Rhys Hoenes    Off 89


Brad Wells                          






Ben Toseland      On 75


Cameron Dear     On 50               


Lewis Elsom


Nick Guest                             


Etse Hotter              


Phil Buxton                


Jack O'Connor      


Brad Pearce-McDonald                      


Andrea Borg       On 89


Tyrone Burton


Mason Rhiney


Anton Daniels       On 54


Jahvan Davidson-Miller         


Tom Crosby


      Referee: Kevin Saunby                             Assistants Mariusz Tomen and Matthew Jackson


Having served his three match suspension Lindon Miekle returned to the starting XI. DeclanTowers also returned after injury with Ben Toseland and Jahvan Davidson-Miller making way for them.  The susbstitutes bench looked stronger than of late with Jack O'Connor being named in a full complement of the permitted seven substitutes. 

The sky was a solid grey mass with no wind and a steady light rain which would continue throughout the match. This, falling onto a hard pitch, led to a slippery top surface which caused several players to lose their footing throughout the game and the ball skidding across it.  For a second successive Saturday a new addition to KTFC's long list of opponent's kicked off attacking the Tin Hat end.  This week it was AFC Mansfield in all yellow with Kettering in red. Mansfield first venture into Kettering's penalty area came from a  Liam Marsden long throw something that was to prove troublesome all afternoon.  On 5 minutes Kettering were awarded their first corner by the referee much to the suprise of the home ground and the linesman who'd flagged for a goal-kick.  Nothing came from the kick but only a minute later Lindon Meikle played a ball through for Rhys Hoenes to chase, he reached it and squared it back into the danger area for defender to put it behind for a corner.  From the Ben Milnes kick Lathaniel Rowe-Turner had a golden opportunity to open the scoring finding himself unmarked 6 yards out but in stooping slightly to make contact only succeeded in propelling the ball with force over the bar which, if it had been on target' would have been unstopable. On the quarter hour Mansfield won their first corner but Jordan Annable's effort was well wide. 5 minutes later Rhys Hoenes made a strong run chasing a through ball diagonally across the box with his pace taking him past Jack Broadhead who made a lunging slide tackle in an attempt to stop the attack but in the opinion of the referee got too much contact on Hoenes bringing him down and had no hesitation in awarding Kettering a penalty.  Broadhead received a yellow card for his troubles with his offence being mitigated as it was a genuine attempt to reach the ball and therefore not worthy of a more severe punishment in the form of a dismissal.  Brett Solkhon stepped forward and sent the ball in the opposite direction to the keeper but as the ball was so well placed, hitting the side netting first, it was unlikely that he would have saved it if he had chose the right direction to dive. 1-0 Kettering 21 mins.  Mansfield were on their heels and Kettering could have killed the game in this period.  Hoenes made another penetrating run into the box and cleverly switched the ball to Gary Storher who'd made a crossing run behind him but by the time he'd got the ball under control to make an attempt at goal had to shoot from an acute angle and the effort  was easily cut out.  Milnes had the next effort and he worked his way across the edge of the penalty area until he'd made himself enough space to unleash a shot which narrowly passed the wrong side of the post with the keeper nowhere. Kettering's next oppourtunity came from a unexpected source.  Hoenes was fouled and the defence stopped expecting a whistle but LRT didn't and the referee played a good advantage. Lathaniel took the ball to the by-line and cut it back towards the penalty spot but no-one was there to convert the chance.  Stohrer made a great run forward and delivered another inviting ball into the box as did Hoenes only a minute later.  In a 5 minute spell Kettering had opened Mansfield defence wide open five times and with a forward like Aaron O'Connor on the pitch the game would have been over. Mansfield were launching the ball upfield in order to relieve the pressure and on 30 minutes the ball was played back to Paul White by Durrell Berry who in the act of clearing the ball slipped hurt his leg bad enough for him to require treatment and left him hobbling for the rest of the half. White showed no ill effects when he made a good catch and initiated another attack with a fast accurate throw. Some of Kettering's attacks had been thwarted by the eager flag raising of the linesman who appeared to be giving the defender's the benefit of some questionable decisions.  Just before halftime Kettering had another chance to extend their lead when Hoenes made a probing run forward with Michael Richens in close attendance.  Rhys held onto the ball and his effort was blocked but he retrieved the rebound and fed it to Richens whose little flick was not cute enough to fool the defender who cleared it behind for an unproductive corner. 

Half Time: Kettering Town 1 AFC Mansfield 0

The first incident of note of the second half occured after 2 minutes when Broadhead  chased a ball towards Kettering's goal.  LRT set himself and made a firm clearing header but Broadhead's runs caused him to collide with LRT where he bounced off onto the floor causing him to require treatment with the final indignity of having a free-kick awared against him. 10 minutes into the second half after a couple of  Mansfield substitutions Hoenes won another free-kick on the edge of Mansfield's penalty area when he was manhandled by Broadhead who having already being booked was living dangerously.  Ben Milnes struck a beautiful free-kick up and over the wall into the top left hand corner of the goal where it grazed the inside of the post and continued on into the net with Jason White trying to get across his goal but to no avail. 2-0 Kettering 55 mins.  As with after the first goal Kettering threatened to overun the visitors. Hoenes made good progress forward feeding the ball to Solkon in the box who passed it onto Richens who drew a save out of Jason White.  Marcus Kelly attempted to chip the keeper but didn't play the ball high enough. On 63 minutes there was another big penalty shout from the KTFC players and supporters when Milnes went down in the box but the referee saw it differently and awarded a corner. The corner kick was played towards the front post where Solkhon made contact but missed the target. Another 10 minutes of intense Kettering pressure was not rewarded by any goals.  Mansfield had weathered the storm and started coming forward in an attempt to get something from the game.  A long throw from Marsden into the box tested Kettering's defence and Paul White had to be off his line quick to foil the attack, however the linesman had flagged for offside, being consistent with his first half performance.  Kettering's last effort of note came on 68 minutes when Richens took the ball past 2 defenders and forced the keeper to make a good save to prevent a third goal.  On 75 minutes Marcus Law made Kettering's first change with Declan Towers being replaced by Ben Toseland.  Declan had had a difficult game and didn't look comfortable playing in that position and at times looked awkward without being able to make instinctive moves with the ball lacking the flair of a player playing in a natural role.  Toseland took over on the lefthand side with Stohrer moving to the right.  5 minutes later and the game changed with Toseland taking time to get into the game and used to the conditions most Mansfield pressure was coming down their right hand side.  Cameron Dear received the ball on the touchline his 10 year advantage on Solkhon meant he had the pace to give him space to play a high ball into the box which Paul White misjudged and on passing over his head fell to Brad Wells who made no mistake in taking his chance. 2-1 Mansfield 78 mins  Mansfield now had nothing to lose and pushed forward at every attempt .  On 84 minutes Solkhon showed his experience and cleverly shielded the ball from an attacker allowing White to quickly off his line to safely collect.  Shortly before the end of nomal time another long throw into the box required good concentration from White but again another flag from the linesman would have nullified any mistake.  In time added on Dear struck a hard shot from about 6 yards out but a very good save from White, atoning for his previous error, prevented the need for a mid-week trip to Nottinghamshire for a replay.

Full Time Kettering Town 2  AFC Mansfield 1

With the return of a couple of players Kettering winning form was resumed.  Ketterings dominance of the seventy five minutes should had been reflected in the scorline to prevent what became a dogged defence for the final fifteen minutes when the visitors battled hard to get something from a game which should have been out of reach long before. 2 goals from set pieces as opposed to open play reinforces how much the return of Aaron O'Connor is anticipated.


Kettering: none      Mansfield:  Broadhead - foul.

Attendance: 504

Elgoods Brewery Man of the Match: chosen by match sponsor John Drewnicki - Ben Milnes.

Team Sheet

Location: Home (Latimer Park)
Kick Off: 22nd Sep 2018
Kettering Town FC
Red / Black
0 Brett Solkhon
0 Ben Milnes
AFC Mansfield

0 Brad Wells