The Exiles – Another Fantastic Donation

It’s the start of a new week, let’s begin with some incredibly positive news!

The Club is again grateful to the Exiles for a further donation of £3,000, which confirms total donations of well in excess of £30,000 since the group was formed.

Club President and joint founder of the Exiles, Ken Samuel, commented, “The Club needs funds more than ever now with the changes that have happened over the last three months, and I cannot speak more highly about our group that contributes to our funds every month. We are attracting new members all the time, and this can only be beneficial for the Club.”

The Exiles are supporters who live away from Kettering and who may not even be able to get to any of the Club games, but who wish to donate funds for no other reason than to help the Club. It is not a closed shop, and any ‘Exile’ can join and donate whatever amount they can afford. Anyone who would like to help and would like further information can contact Ken Samuel by email at: