Trident Community Foundation Funding

Fantastic news! Kettering Town FC and the Community Trust have worked together to apply for and have secured the full £5,000 Trident Community Foundation funding from the Southern Football League.

This joint venture was initiated to support the funding of our KTFC Walking Women’s and Walking Men’s football teams.

The women’s team has been established for a while, while the men’s team is a more recent venture, having been running for the last few months. We are pleased to announce that both teams are attracting good numbers and have drawn members from the existing KTFC fan base and beyond.

This funding will help cover the facility and running costs of both teams, making the activity more affordable for participants. It’s great to offer a diversity of activities that bring the community and the Club closer together. The positive benefits for those taking part include opportunities to improve their physical fitness, as well as their mental and social well-being.

I’d like to thank the Club for backing such an initiative and the Southern League for providing the resources through the Trident Community Foundation Fund. We hope that the development of these teams will have a positive impact on the Club. It’s not only advantageous for our standing and growing reputation in the community but should also open up other opportunities for us, thanks to the positive ripple effect that projects like this can create.

If you’d like to try out our walking football, why not come along and give it a go? For more details, please express your interest at this link:

We would love to welcome you!

Phil Wade
Community Trust Manager